sprinkler systems, irrigation system design, residential
sprinkler systems, irrigation system design, residential
sprinkler systems, irrigation system design, residential
sprinkler systems, irrigation system design, residential
sprinkler systems, irrigation system design, residential\
Our 4 Step Turf Plant Food Program Delivered to Your Door

Lawn Fertilization

Innovative Irrigation Specialists offers a 4 STEP Turf Plan Food Program Delivered to Your Door.
Download complete fertilizer program details including application guidelines and spreader settings.

We will...

  • Deliver our 4-Step Professional Turf Program to your door. (All 4 steps delivered at one time in early spring)
  • Leave instructions when and how to apply.
  • Instruct you on how to set your spreader. (Spreaders available for purchase)
  • Provide you mowing tips.
  • Provide you with a guide to proper watering and setting your irrigation controller.

Experience a Refreshing New approach to Lawn Care.

Step 1 Crabgrass Control    View Details

Step 01 - Crabgrass Control

Apply Clear Lake® Crabgrass Preventer 16-0-5 with CrabBuster® early to mid-spring, before the soil temperature reaches 60° F or before early germinating crabgrass reaches the 2-leaf stage. It is a unique combination of lawn food and pre-emergent and early post-emergent control of crabgrass providing up to 3-4 months of control of crabgrass and the other annual broadleafs and grasses. It supplies vital nutrients a healthy lawn needs.

Step 2 Weed Control    View Details

Step 02 - Weed Control

Apply Clear Lake® Weed & Feed 23-0-3 Mid April-July when broadleaf weeds are actively growing. The TRIMEC® in Weed & Feed provides post-emergent control of dandelions as well as 200 other broadleaf weeds. It also supplies the key nutrients for a healthy, lush lanw. Apply to damp grass or sprinkle lightly before application. Do not water or mow for 48 hours after application.

Step 3 Lawn Food    View Details

Step 03 - Lawn Food

Apply Clear Lake® Lawn Food 28-0-7 April-September.This high-quality lawn food provides generous amounts of Nitrogen and Potassium as well as Sulfur and Iron needed for a vigorous, healthy lawn. Nitrogen is supplied in two ways: an immediate release for fast greenup, and a slow release Nitrogen for extended fedding and long-lasting vitality.

Step 4 Fall Fertilizer    View Details

Step 04 - Fall Fertilizers

Apply Clear Lake® 32-0-16 Fall Fertilizer in Late September-November. Fall fertilization is one of the most critical times of the year for lawns which are about to become dormant for the winter perios. They need a good nutrient supply to fight off diseases as well as to build up root reserves to survive the winter. The added advantage is that Fall fertization helps the lawn off to a quick start in the spring.

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